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The question is how?

This article will share with you on methods how you can influence the conditions on how to plan for a boy baby as they have been tried and tested and should help you in achieving your desire.

Hi my name is Julie and I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful children and these are the tips I have learned and personally applied and achieved success when planning for my youngest baby boy after having 2 girls.  Planning methods of baby gender should help you regardless of your age and that of your companion.

There are a number of natural ways you can tip the scales in order to get a more favorable result on instead of leaving it up to pure chance. After all, there’s no reason why you can’s  give nature a helping hand!

I am sharing 3 aspects will help you on planning for a baby boy which are:  Timing of Intercourse, Diet and Best Positions to conceive a boy baby.

Timing of Intercourse

Timing of intercourse is a crucial part of the process when planning for a baby boy. Doctors agree that the best time to try is one day before ovulation and 24 hours immediately after ovulation to have a better success rate to get a boy. The chances of conceiving a boy at the beginning of ovulation are higher as the sperms with male gene (Y) travel faster but have a lower life span.

Knowing when ovulation occurs is important when planning the sex of the baby. There are several ways to determine when the  ovulation will occur. The most popular method is to know when the first day of menstruation starts.  As a rule of thumb, ovulation usually begins two weeks after the start of the period and/or two weeks before the next period.  Another sign of ovulation is the  flow of mucus which is a good indicator that you are in the ovulation stage.  There are other tools such as predictors of  ovulation that are available over the counter at the local pharmacy and this would be a good investment for your planning.


This is the most basic aspect as changing your diet will help you more inclined to conceive a baby boy. Higher levels of potassium and sodium are essential consumption for the mother when planning for a boy baby.  Lowering intake of magnesium and calcium are also important for the plan. This plan should ideally start several weeks before attempting to conceive.

Your body’s acidity level will also help determine on plan for a baby boy. Ideally a high alkaline environment is desirable for conceiving baby boys. You would then need to ascertain on the types of foods you need to increase in consumption to achieve this desired acidity level. Note that other factors such as getting enough sleep, lowered stress levels also affect your body’s chemistry and acidic levels.

This plan should ideally start several weeks before attempting to conceive.

Best Positions to Conceive a Boy Baby

The basics of the male and female sperm are that the male sperm as good and fast swimmers while female sperm swim slower. However the male sperm have a shorter life span than that of the female sperm. So it stands to reason that in order to conceive a baby boy, your male partner needs to ejaculate deeper and when you have ovulated in order that the male sperm arrives at the egg first. Specific positions are identified and provide the best options for having a baby boy.

In summary, these are the basic steps I personally took when I was planning for a boy. I tried these methods after my elder 2 girls and read up some really good guides on how to plan for a boy baby and my husband and I are thankful that we got our son finally. There are other related guides you can follow up such as using the Chinese Gender chart which you can read up in my related post.

If you are really looking for a reliable guide that will detail out further steps, I highly recommend you to check out the PMB guideline which helped me the most as it had answered all the questions and concerns I had plus provided me with useful tips as well, some of which are shared with you above.

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I hope the above has somewhat given you better insights on how to have a boy and you are successful in your plan. I would really like to hear from your experiences and especially if you have something to share as well.





Good Luck and God bless!

Julie S

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